Oracle For God

Direct Messenger for God
“You were created to be a ‘direct messenger’ for God” ~ Kuan Yin

December 2, 2018: Higher Connection to God

In my daily meditation, I received a message from God telling me that I have achieved a higher level of connection to Him. As I was meditating, God announced Himself in a clear, powerful, voice, saying “God.” When He did, I saw with my physical eyes (which is more advanced than with third eye), in the space right in front me, a very large, beautiful, colorful rainbow come down from the ceiling above me. I saw it come out of ‘White Window’ that was surrounded in a vast ‘Blue Sky’ (the Universe). It made a funnel of rainbow light that came down and surrounded me. As the rays of the rainbow, ‘God’s Light,’ surrounded me in a large halo of colorful lights, I then saw the ‘White Window’ in the ‘Blue Sky’ move down closer to the top of my head. As I watched this, God said, “You are at higher level of connectivity with God.”


December 18, 2018: Kuan Yin Revealed to Me That I Am a ‘Direct Messenger’ for God                                

I was awakened by Kuan Yin, who appeared to me and said; “You are a ‘direct messenger’ for Kuan Yin, for Jesus and for God.” 

Suddenly, a flood of White Light appeared above my head. I saw that my head was very close to the White Light, with only a little space, about two inches, of separation from it.  I could see that the Light had no end in sight and traveled throughout the Universe. I was told it was Heaven’s Light, and then I heard God announce himself, saying it was “God’s Light.”  

As I saw this, Kuan Yin said She was showing me that I am close to God. She said I am a “direct messenger for God,” and explained with my ranking that I am directly connected to God, with no other Guides, or Angels, or Saints or Spiritual beings that are needed to act as intermediaries. She said, “God communicates ‘directly’ to you.” 

I saw God’s vast White Light become brighter and travel like a massive ceiling above my head and like a floor beneath my feet throughout earth. As Kuan Yin was speaking to me, She held Her face right in front of my face, very close. I got to see Her wise dark-brown almond-shaped eyes, the delicate features of Her beautiful face and Her black hair, which was styled up in a bun, up close and in detail. When She said God’s name, a large, glowing ball of illuminating White Light appeared directly in front of me, and I was filled with uplifting, loving vibrations that made me feel like I was being lifted up. 


Kuan Yin then explained what a ‘direct messenger’ is.  She said; 


“You work for and were created to be a ‘direct messenger’ for God and a ‘primary messenger’ for all three of Us - Kuan Yin, Jesus and God.” 


Then, She added; 


“This means that there are no other Guides or Angels that work in between you and Us.  We do not communicate through any other Guides or Angels to communicate to you; And, you do not have to go through any other good Guides or Angels in order to communicate to Us.”


She went on to explain that being chosen as a ‘direct messenger for God’ was an honor bestowed upon me, due to my ranking as a High Priestess Oracle. It meant that I was spiritually advanced to work directly with God, and His Ascended Masters. 

She said;


“Another way to understand what a ‘direct messenger’ is, is that you’re at the top of your class and ranking. You are a High Priestess Oracle allowed to work directly with Ascended Masters Jesus and Kuan Yin, and with God.”


January 3, 2019: God Commanded that I Donate all my Profits to My Charity

I was woken up with a message from God and Kuan Yin about donating all of my profits to my, or rather our charity ( I heard God announce Himself to me. As Creator woke me up with visions of White Light engulfing me, I saw Kuan Yin standing by the side of my bed. Next, They showed me a long painful vision of sick kids in Africa and the mothers, who are also sick and not able to take care of them. God said, “all of your profits from your work must be donated to Our charity (; Which will go towards feeding the hungry and sick and disadvantage in third world countries.”


February 2019: Jesus Tells Me God has Touched Me with Enlightenment and Gifts

Jesus appeared to me saying I have “received enlightenment from God.”  He showed me a vision where I saw myself standing and looking up to Heaven. Jesus was standing right by my side, as close to me as possible, on my right by side. Then a huge ray of White Light was cast down from Heaven on to my eyes and then penetrated my forehead, which is my third eye (clairvoyance). The White Light then filled the upper half of my face and the top of my head, which is my crown chakra (the knowing chakra). I saw my third eye and crown chakra glowing in White Light. As Heaven’s Light was being cast onto me, I saw Jesus turn towards me and watch as the White Light touched me. I then heard God announce Himself and say, “God has touched you with enlightenment and gifts, and Jesus watches over you. You stand close to Jesus.”


April 2019: God Wants me to Focus on Just Obeying Him and Doing my Job

God woke me up with a vision telling that He, “wants me to share my visions with the people and educate them.” He showed me talking in front of groups of people, teaching classes and doing group readings, and then He showed me walking away saying, “I’ve done my job to educate them, now it’s up to them to decide for themselves what to believe.” I saw myself walk on, when I was finished speaking and God said, “you will just walk on, when you are done.”


May 24, 2019: God Tells me that I “Work for God

God woke me up with a strong vision saying that I work for God. In the vision, God showed me as a waitress, wearing a uniform. He said, “you serve people whatever they want (readings, healings, clearings, investigations, classes). You can give them whatever they want.” As Creator said this, He then lit my hands up in glowing white light.  


Then He pulled my hands up over my head, up into the air, and put silver bracelets on my wrists. The silver bracelets each had a silver chain that went up to Heaven, connecting me to God.  He pulled my wrists up and connected me to Him when He said, “I am your boss. You work for me.”  Then He tied my wrists, using the bracelets, up to him. Strongly. 


June 12, 2019: God Tells Me I Must Obey Him and that I “Listen to a Higher Power”                                                         

Getting ready to teach a class, I was overcome with blissful vibrations and the feeling of love washing over me. Then, I heard God announce Himself to me. He said one strong statement, loudly and clearly; 

“You listen to a Higher Power. You must listen and obey God above all earthlings, because you are a ‘direct messenger to God’.” 

Creator then told me that the students will not always listen and welcome my lessons. There will be teachings for them that they may not want to hear and will resist. I must continually remain strong in my commitment to present the knowledge that God will ask me to share with others.


God said;


“The students, the earthlings, will challenge you – out of ignorance, defiance or lack of wisdom, and that you are to be strong to all of the teachings that God wants you to deliver, because there will be lessons that the students will not want to hear and will not receive easily.” 


June 2019: I Received a Wedding Ring from God                                                                             

Jesus came to me to reveal that I was chosen to be a ‘direct messenger’ for God (and for Him.) As He told me this, Jesus said He was giving me wedding rings from each of Them. I then saw Jesus take a ring off His finger. It was like an arced rainbow of light, glistening with gemstones of green, pink, purple, yellow, blue, and orange with a large ray of white light in the middle.


Jesus placed the ring on the middle finger of my right hand, and said; 


“You are being given a gift by God. He is marrying you as a ‘direct messenger.’”


Master Channeler Maureen                                                                                                                      

Direct Messenger for God