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Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Mary, Kuan Yin & Buddha 

Master Level Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

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Oracle Maureen

Mary of Bethany

Saint Meant for Mainstream World

Chosen One by God & Jesus

Master Level Channeler for the Higher Realms

There is a tremendous amount of help and healing that a session with a spiritual messenger can provide. Oracle Maureen’s spiritual gifts and strong connectivity to Heaven allow Her to receive helpful and healing messages from the Spirit Guides, Angels, and souls in Heaven. Her exceptional abilities to see and hear the deities, Angels, and souls in Heaven can help you in many invaluable ways, from giving you much-needed advice that can help you make better choices in your life to delivering messages of love and hope from your family and friends in the Afterlife. 


Oracle Maureen is a Master-Level Channeler. Her ability to deliver messages goes way beyond just delivering a couple of words or sentences. God said She is able to hear and deliver words in “paragraph after paragraph after paragraph form,” which is far more advanced than regular channelers and is “unique and rare to find.”  


God has blessed Oracle Maureen with many spiritual gifts, including the gift of Prophecy, the gift of Mediumship, the gift of Healing, the gift of Protection, and the gift of Discernment.


Oracle Maureen has been awarded the extraordinary position of Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Mary, Kuan Yin, and Buddha. This means that God has risen Her to being His number one Oracle that speaks for Him and the Ascended Masters on the planet. 

In addition to being Their top Oracle, Maureen was blessed to receive the revelation from God and Jesus that She also is the Biblical figure Mary of Bethany, who was one of Jesus’s Apostles—and His ‘second’ wife.


Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany also received enlightenment that She is a Saint meant to live and work in the mainstream world, outside the walls of a monastery, serving God in advanced ways that Saints behind convent walls are unable to. 


Oracle Maureen is a Guide working on Earth to bring enlightenment to you from God and the Ascended Masters—so that you can earn a place in God and Jesus’s Heavenly Kingdom when you enter your Afterlife.

Making a Difference

Oracle Maureen does not financially benefit from any of Her spiritual work. She donates all of Her profits to Her charity, Angels Among Us Foundation—to bring relief to those suffering in the world. Please know that by attending Oracle Maureen’s sessions, classes, and events, you, too, are helping bring relief to someone in need. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events & Classes
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Charitable Causes

Oracle Maureen is given visions by Her Spirit Guides, Angels, and God, who show Her where true pain, suffering, and injustices are happening in the world. They ask Her to support these causes and bring awareness to them so that you also have insight on how to make the world a better place.  To read the visions that Heaven has given to Maureen, please visit How Heaven Sees It.


If you would like to help today and make a donation, please visit

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Help Those Suffering in South Sudan
Goal: $5000

Angels Among Us Foundation's current charitable cause is helping those suffering in South Sudan.


Maureen is bringing awareness and relief to the people of South Sudan. South Sudan continues to face multiple humanitarian challenges including homelessness, food and water insecurity, and malnutrition. The South Sudanese have little to no access to basic services including health care, education, and protection from natural disasters and disease. Over half the population is now facing emergency levels of hunger. As a result of more recent war events, many people are being displaced and lack the very basics they need to survive.

The Ascended Masters


Kuan Yin

Ascended Master Kuan Yin 
Goddess of Mercy & Compassion 


Jesus Christ

Ascended Master Jesus Christ 
Lord Our Savior & Begotton

Son of God 



Ascended Master Mother Mary 
Blessed Virgin Mother Mary 


The Buddha

Ascended Master Lord Buddha 
The Enlightened One 


Guided Meditations

Maureen’s beautifully guided meditations have been created to help you achieve what you desire on a large range of spiritual topics, ranging from chakra clearing and opening up your third eye to releasing negative energies. Working in a direct merge with Heaven’s Spiritual Guides and Angels, Maureen channels the wisdom of our Heavenly teachers and helpers to assist you on your path of enlightenment.

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